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“Tending to All of Your Senses!”

Your relaxation is top priority. Reiki Bar prides itself on self-care. In order to give your best, you must be at your best. Especially if you are prone to everyday stress. You deserve relaxation at its finest. Reiki Bar delivers no less than the diamond standard of relaxation. Book your ultimate relaxation experience now. Share this incredible gift with friends, family, and loved ones. Reconnect with yourself, nature, and spirituality. Naturally bringing the mind-body-spirit into harmony, alignment,  and balance! Reiki Bar does not sell products, Reiki Bar offers life changing experiences. Awaken the healer within. Relaxation is awaiting!

Reiki Bar offers an array of Holistic Healing Modalities to suit each relaxers specifics needs specially designed and formulated for your ultimate healing plan:

  • Reiki

  • Clinical Aromatherapy

  • Crystal Healing

  • Charka Care

  • Auric Cleasing

  • Sound Healing

  • Healing Touch

  • Raindrop Therapy

  • Complimentary Light Therapy

  • Mobile Reiki (Global)

  • Certification Classes

  • Kids Classes

  • Workshops

  • Distance Reiki

  • Book for Any Event

  • Meditation

  • Readings

  • Binaural Beats

  • Healing Circle

  • CBD Products (Coming Soon)

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“Come stressed, You’re Guaranteed to Leave at Your Best!”